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jotting down notes in my search for (green) hope and awe in an otherwise jaded world

    reading today (and to remember for tomorrow)

    The best collaborative discussion of cap and trade v carbon tax available

    Delegating your environmental consciencePerhaps the difference between a change in behaviour and a change in attitude. They aren’t mutually exclusive, but if you aren’t engaged yourself, does it change your overall impact?  The problem is, however, that these services (more environmentally friendly dry cleaning, carbon offsets for travel) should be provided/offered by the traditional market. This creates a separate market for environmental goods/services that not only sets it clearly apart from the mainstream, but makes it more difficult to later integrate. Clean water and clean air shouldn’t be a niche; they’re issues everyone cares about to some degree and it does a diservice to have them be labeled as a “different” product. We need every travel agency offering to book ecotourism tours or able to arrange offsets - not only those labeled “eco.”

    Australia moves ahead with its new carbon tax and at $22.90/tonne of CO2 equivalent it remains just below BC’s $25/tonne requirement.  Fitting considering the recent Berkeley study providing the definitive conclusion on climate change.

    The children of mothers who were exposed to pesticides while pregnant have 1.4 percent lower IQs per increment of exposure than children whose mothers were not exposed to pesticides.

    And an economist piece that is impressively optimistic and pragmatic about why energy efficient should be a given.

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